Mick The Miller

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Mick`s Race Wins



In Red = Irish wins   ;   In Blue = UK wins





The Punchestown Stakes at Shelbourne Park.



The Shelbourne Stakes at Shelbourne Park.


The Leinster Plate at Harold`s cross.


The Spring Cup at Harold`s Cross.


The National Cup at Shelbourne Park.


The English Greyhound Derby at White City. *


The International Sweepstakes at West Ham.


The First International Derby Sweepstakes at Wimbledon.



The Wembley Spring Cup at Wembley.


The Loafer Trophy at Wimbledon.


The Farndon Cup at White City.


The English Greyhound Derby at White City. *


The Cesarewitch at West Ham. *


The Welsh Greyhound Derby at Welsh White City.




The Wembley Spring Cup at Wembley.


The GRA Sweepstakes No.3 at White city.


The Greyhound St Leger at Wembley. *




                * These races were regarded as the Classics. ( Mick won four Classics )                      Though the Welsh Derby win of 1930 would nowadays also be considered a Classic.



Mick also won 10 Matches (one-on-ones) against other leading greyhounds of the day for which he won substantial rewards. For eg the Match on 14th Nov 1930 against Bishops Dream earned Mick 1,100 and a gold cup.





Mick is one of only four dogs to have won the English Greyhound Derby twice (1929,1930).        He was the first to do so - a feat that wasn`t equalled until 1972/73.



He was also the first dog to win 19 consecutive races - a feat that wasn`t equalled until 1974.



    He was the first dog to win the English Greyhound Derby and the Greyhound St Leger.

This feat wasn`t equalled until 1971.



His record of winning the English Greyhound Derby, the St Leger and the Cesarewitch

is still unequalled.



Mick ran 68 track races (20 in Ireland and 48 in UK).

He won 51 of those races (15 in Ireland and 36 in UK).



He was the first greyhound to run 525 yards in under 30 seconds.



Mick set six World Records (525 yards three times, 550 yards once and 600 yards twice).

He also equalled or set several Track Records.



In total he won 24 racing trophies.

18 were silver and 6 were gold.

And over 9,000 in prize money, a fortune at the time.



Out of his 68 track races Mick finished 63 times in the top two,

a truly remarkable level of consistency.



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