Mick The Miller

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Mick was donated by Arundel Kempton  in May 1939 to the British Natural History Museum in London where he remained on display until 2005.  He was then moved to the British Natural History Museum`s sister museum in Tring, just outside London.  This museum is also called The Walter Rotschild Building after it`s founder. 

Gallery No 6 where Mick is on display has been re-opened since refurbishment. The official opening was on 6th February.  The new gallery is said to look fantastic as is the newly cleaned Mick.



Mick as he appears in museum in Tring



(photo copyright of British Natural History Museum)



Thanks to BNHM for use of photo on our website


Thanks also to British NHM for allowing use of thumbnail photos of Mick at the top of each page.

These are actually a copy of the postcards which were sold in the museum in the 1970`s (below);




 (copyright of British Natural History Museum)


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